How To Measure


  1. Measure the opening from the inside of the face frame, as indicated by the video. List the width first, followed by the height.
  2. Specify if the dimensions are of the opening or the finished sizes. If opening size is given, we will add 1" (1/2" on each side) for the overhang. You may specify more or less as desired.
  3. If door is inset (door is flush with the face frame), please indicate whether you measured exact openings or if we need to subtract for the clearance (gap).

Request a Quote

You can easily request a quote online using our contact page or by phone, email or fax.

Please provide you full name and company name, full address, the item #, raised detail, edge detail, specify inset or overlap, type of wood, as well as a complete list of cabinet measurements.

Please indicate where we should return the completed quote (fax, email, or by phone). All quotes will be responded to within 24 hours with a complete estimate of price and an estimiated project completion date.

To place the final order, simply sign the quote and fax or email it back to us.