Woods Available for your Cabinet doors

We build custom cabinet doors, wainscoting, paneled ends, and drawer fronts from all kinds of fine hardwoods. We always use the finest grade of kiln dried lumber to provide you with the highest-quality of cabinet door. Each cabinet door is made from five-pieces, as raised or flat panels, that are built to your custom specifications. All cabinet doors or drawers can be custom designed anyway you want them.

We regularly use Clear Alder and Knotty Alder, Maple, Oak, and Clear Pine and Knotty Pine woods in our everyday cabinet door projects, but do very often have requests for some upper-end cabinetry using Walnut, Mahogany and Cherry woods.

The woods shown below are our Standard Woods used most often in our cabinet doors,but many more are always available upon request. For questions about the different kinds of woods used for cabinet doors, please contact us.

Alder, Clear
Link pinkish brown. A very consistent color. Takes finishes well.

Pink to Light Pink in color.
Finishes Very Well.

Paint Maple
Maple, Stain
A select grade of our White Maples. Paints and stains well, has a tendency to blotch.

Rift Sawn Red Oak
Oak, Rift Sawn Red
A reddish-brown color.
Tighter grain, easy to finish.

Knotty Pine
Knotty Pine
Same as Clear but with tight knots that give you an Early American look.

Knotty Pine
Light weight and extremely durable.
Takes stains well.

Knotty Alder
Knotty Alder
Same as Clear Alder , but the knots give you a more southwestern or rustic look.

Mahogany, African
Varies in color from light pink to
reddish and tannish browns.

Red Oak
Oak, Red
Appalachian Red Oak, a reddish-brown color.
Open grain hardwood, easy to finish.

Rift Sawn White Oak
Oak, Rift Sawn White
White to light-tan with a darker brown grain.
Finishes well.

Clear Pine
Pine, Clear
White to cream to yellowish-white in color.
Can use a clear or stained finish.

Clear Pine
1/4 Sawn White Oak
1/4 Sawn White Oak will have a straight grain patteren with flakes running with the grain.

White in color, open grain.
Takes finishes well.

Paint Maple
Maple, Paint
Comes from the dark White Maples that are
to dark to stain. Takes paint very well.

White Oak
Oak, White
White to light tan with a tan to brown color.
Finished very well.

Hickory Pecan
Hickory / Pecan
White cream-colored sapwood with a light tan to dark brown heartwood. Finished well.

Varies from light brown to almost black in color.
Takes finish well.